About conference

Petersburg Positivity

Petersburg Positivity, previously planned for June 2020, has been moved to 2022. And now it will be held on June 20 - July 3, 2022, during the famous White Nights Season. Also, this time it will be held as a satellite to the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM, July 6-14), at Saint-Petersburg State University & Saint-Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics. Visa free entry will be supported by ICM.

Conference program

The program is under construction at the moment. The conference will have a composite program. The first part, June 20-24, could be devoted to the Positivity Summer School. Special sessions and unscheduled time to encourage collaboration will be included in the program. An excursion and banquet on the ship are planned.


Please, subscribe to the future updates using the Pre-Registration button above. If you want to give a plenary talk, series of lectures or you have any other suggestions, you may leave a note there as well.

Plenary Lectures & Contributed Talks

  • Denny Leung University of Singapore
  • Ben de Pagter Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  • Fedor Sukhochev University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Pedro Tradacete Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), Spain
  • Sergey Astashkin Samara University, Russia
  • Anatolii Kusraev Vladikavkaz Science Center of the RAS, Russia
  • Valeriy Zakharov Moscow State University, Russia
  • ...more plenary speakers expected
  • If you want to contribute a talk, the regular talk submission will be accessible in the Registration Form.


  • Mathematical Salon, Saint-Petersburg
  • Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Saint-Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics
  • International Congress of Mathematicians