March-May, 2019

Our main location: Saint-Petersburg State University, 10th line, 33, aud. 66 (Vasileostrovskaya metro station). Talks start at 19:00 on Tuesdays. Feel free to contact us. We will help you to organize your visit to Saint-Petersburg.

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May 21, 19:00, student talks

Dmitry Pavlov (Herzen University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Series in separable normed spaces

Alexey Frolov (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)

Dimensions of the graph of a continuous function

April 23, 19:00

Kirill Kamalutdinov (Novosibirsk State University, Russia)

On technique of analyzing fractal sets intersections (in russian)

abstract (pdf)

April 15, Monday, 17:30
lecture location: Mathematical Institute, Marble Hall

17:30 Maxim Babushkin (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)

Approximation of functions with nonnegative fourier coefficients provided by the fractional-order rise sums (in russian)

19:30 Martin Rmoutil (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

Convexity and removable sets

abstract (pdf)

April 9, 15:00
lecture location: Herzen University, build.1, aud. 226

Elena Riss (Herzen University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Positive principle for measures on uniformly convex spaces (in russian)

April 2, 19:00

Danila Milanov (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)

Orbit spaces and their embeddings in Euclidean spaces (in russian)

keynames: Grassberger, Procaccia, Hoeffding

March 26, 19:00

Damir Ferizovic (Graz University, Austria)

Approximation to uniform distribution on SO(3)

literature: Saff Kuijlaars "Distributing many points on a sphere" (1997); D.P.Hardin and E.B.Saff "Discretizing manifolds via minimal energy points" (2004); Johann Brauchart and Peter Grabner "Distributing many points on spheres: minimal energy and designs" (2014);

abstract (pdf)

March 19, 19:00

Maxim Dolgopolik (Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Introduction to nonsmooth analysis and subdifferential calculus (in russian)

literature: Jean-Paul Penot "Calculus without derivatives" (2012); Frank H. Clarke "Optimization and nonsmooth analysis"/Фрэнк Кларк "Оптимизация и негладкий анализ" (1983);

March 12, 19:00

Piotr Sworowski (Kazimirus the Great University, Poland)

Comparison of some trigonometric integrals (in russian)

find the meaning of trigonometric integrals in abstract (pdf)